About the Story

Locke the Legend is a story set in a gritty, dark fantasy setting. In the fighting pits of the city of Trintar, Flint Runaheim, a dwarven bard, and his two companions: The unnerving sorcerer Yvessia and mercenary Gren Llast, first encounter the pit fighter Locke Galston. An uneasy alliance is formed as the four bands together, spurred on by Locke’s need to escape the city unseen after she refused to comply with a rigged fight.

This is a story of surviving against all odds, overcoming loss and hardship, building friendships and the trials and consequences of seeking revenge.

This story is developed by Kiri Østergaard Leonard and Alexander Leonard. It has been adapted from a D&D campaign, into a visual book project.

This story has adult themes and strong language. It is intended for mature readers.

The Creators

Kiri Østergaard Leonard

Kiri working on her Cintiq drawing tablet.

Kiri Østergaard Leonard

With a flair for the quirky and whimsy, my artwork reflects an interest in nature, childhood, fairy tales, as well as an inherent fondness of myth and folklore.

I enjoy working on projects that burst with imagination, therefore I am most at home in the realm of fantasy.

I grew up in a small village of 180 people in Denmark, the oldest Kingdom in the world. In my childhood, I was surrounded by beautiful nature and a wide variety of farmstead animals. While still living in Denmark I attended The Academy of Fine Arts in Aarhus, before leaving my home country behind to continue my studies at the Pratt Institute in New York City. I now reside in Austin (TX) with my husband Alexander Leonard, where I thrive as a full-time artist & illustrator.

Alexander Leonard

Alexander working on his Wacom Intous 5 tablet.

Alexander Leonard

My artwork is a reflection of my love of character design, world building with meaningful details and gaming. I grew up near Boston, MA and left Massachusetts behind, in pursuit of a BFA in Illustration and Art History from Pratt Institute in New York City.

I have a passion for D&D, storytelling and writing, which combined with Kiri’s enthusiasm for creating, has spurred on this project.

I grew up playing Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) with friends, so it’s always been a big part of my life. I currently enjoy DMing the campaign that inspired this project.


If you have a question that isn’t answered here, you can hit us up on Twitter.

Q: Will the story be available in print?
Yes, that is the plan! Though there is no timeline for it yet, as it’s still in early development. It may be a Kickstarter down the line or we may go the traditional publishing route.

Q: Will you be at any comic conventions?
Yes, we attend a variety of conventions. Conventions will be announced ahead of time in the blog.

Q: Can I support the story?
Hell yes! Please feel free to spread the word, share the link to our website, leave comments on the pages, share it on social media. You can also become a patron.

Q: How is the project made?
Alexander wrote the in-depth D&D campaign that inspired this story. Kiri does the majority of the art, we work together on the writing for the online version.

The art is created digitally in Adobe Photoshop with a Wacom Cintiq Tablet. You can find tutorials of Kiri’s process on her Patreon.

Q: How long does each part take to make?
About 1 to 2 weeks per section, depending on how involved the art is.