About the Story

Locke the Legend is a story set in a gritty, dark fantasy setting. In the fighting pits of the city of Agos, Flint Runaheim, a dwarven bard, and his companion: The mercenary Gren Llast, first encounter the pit fighter Locke Galston. An uneasy alliance is formed as they band together, spurred on by Locke’s need to escape the city unseen after she refused to comply with a rigged fight. Soon after they encounter the unnerving sorcerer Yvessia Solemnsong, who convinces them to assist her with a small matter.

This is a story of surviving against all odds, overcoming loss and hardship, building friendships and the trials and consequences of seeking revenge.

This story is developed by husband and wife team Kiri and Alexander. It has been adapted from a D&D campaign into a visual storytelling project, with the intention of making a book.

This story has adult themes and strong language. It is intended for mature readers.

Locke the Legend: The Drunken Whale


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Q: Will the story be available in print?
Yes, that is the plan! Though there is no timeline for it yet, as it’s still in early development. It may be a Kickstarter down the line or we may go the traditional publishing route.

Q: Can I support the story?
Hell yes! Please feel free to spread the word, share the link to our website, leave comments on the pages, share it on social media. You can also become a patron.

Q: How is the project made?
Alexander wrote the in-depth D&D campaign that inspired this story. Kiri does the majority of the art, we work together on the writing for the online version.

The art is created digitally in Adobe Photoshop with a Wacom Cintiq Tablet. You can find tutorials of Kiri’s process on her Patreon.

Q: How long does each part take to make?
About 1 to 2 weeks per section, depending on how involved the art is.